Who We Are

MCPAC Board Members at the 4/28/23 Spring Gala: left to right: Judy Eisenbacher, Glenn Koepke, Jean Alexander, Loie Turner, Anita Bailey, Mary Jo Berry, Eleanor Hollenback, Jim Goss, Ginny Tubbs, and Cathy Kuhl. Missing: Jan Brockway, Raylene Clumpner, Patsy Foote, Bob Kroupa, Denley Loge

MCPAC is:  

  • Anita Bailey, President
  • Mary Jo Berry, Vice President
  • Patsy Foote, Secretary
  • Jim Goss, Treasurer

Our Board of Directors:

  • Jean Alexander
  • Jan Brockway
  • Raylene Clumpner
  • Judy Eisenbacher
  • Eleanor Hollenback
  • Glenn Koepke
  • Bob Kroupa
  • Cathy Kuhl
  • Denley Loge
  • Ginny Tubbs
  • Loie Turner
MCPAC members meeting on May 17th, 2023, counterclockwise from right: Bob Kroupa, Loie Turner, Judy Eisenbacher, Ginny Tubbs